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Since its inception in 2000 at Bengaluru, India, Mochi has grown to have its ‘footprints’in more than 35 cities.With a bright and vibrant mélange of footwear and accessories to offer in more than 70 retail outlets, Mochi has metamorphosed into one of the fastest growing footwear brands in India.
Apart from footwear, Mochi is a one-stop shop for all fashion footwear needs along with a wide assortment of handbags, belts, socks, mobile cases, foot-care and shoe-care products. The footwear options are versatile and befitting every occasion and. The high octane atmosphere in the stores, hands-on staff and the various options to choose from further makes the shopping experience an enjoyable experience.
Mochi ensembles are intrinsically vivacious with varied hues and styles. It celebrates the uniqueness, distinctness and individuality of the youth of today. Mochi is the apt choice for those who believe in putting their best foot forward, ALWAYS! It outshines itself as a mere footwear brand and is recognized as a bold fashion statement.
The brand has launched its Loyalty and rewards program “My Mochi Club” to ensure that you go happy and satisfied when you shop with us.
As soon as you shop for Rs. 2500/- & above you are rewarded with a voucher of Rs 100 for registration and every time you shop for Rs 2500/- Rs 100 voucher shall be sent to your registered mobile number
My Mochi Club app is a designed to run on all mobile devices. The app will help you shop, share, save and earn rewards while on the go.
App login steps:
• Once you download the app enter your mobile number and submit.
• A verification passcode will be sent to your number, which need to be entered.(You can skip this step as well)
• Enroll yourself in the program by filling in the details and submit.
What’s in for you?
• No Additional Fees: MyMochi Mloyal app uses your phone internet connection only.
• Stay Updated: Get connected to the brand and stay updated with the day to day special offers and rewards.
• Check Details: Check your total earned points, redeemed points, total shopping amount spent with brand with us till now.
• Shake to pay : Pay by points at the stores through
Mobile Coupon in SMS
• Engage : Catch up with the brand on Social Media at various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc.
• Specials : Get updates on New collection and DIY’S. Check the upcoming/seasonal offers and stay updated 24*7
• Store Locator: Get City wise complete address of the stores. It helps you to locate a store near you.
• Feedback: Give your Feedback and let the brand know your valuable inputs
• Shop : Get directed to e-commerce site of the brand for instant shopping experience.
• Messages : Get the details of all communication sent to you by the brand on your each and every bill cut.
• Edit Profile: You can add your personal details like email id, b’day, anniversary in your profile and get exclusive offers on your B’day and Anniversary.
• Punch Card : It tells you how many times you have shopped with the brand
So download and get going !!
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The app is powered by mloyal™, the platform that converts your mobile into your interactive, personalized Loyalty Card.